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My Mummy Loves Fudge

My Mummy Loves Fudge

We all have a favourite dessert! Pudding, cookies, cupcakes or jelly? My mummy’s favourite
dessert is fudge*. I know this because she talks about it all the time. Several times a day.
Sometimes several times an hour. She wants it so bad that sometimes she yells for it!

My Mummy Loves Fudge is a fun book for both mum and child to read. It reminds the child how
much their mummy is there for them throughout the day and night, and it gives mum a chance
to giggle while she reads along. Parents are sick of the same old stories about letters, numbers,
love and cuddles.


It’s time for something a little cheekier. We deserve it.
*Fudge does not stand for the delicious dessert we all know and love.

Author: Nikolina Koevska Kharoufeh
Illustrator: Cesar Sanchez Huertas
About the Author:
Nikolina Koevska Kharoufeh is a new mum, aka ‘Permanent Slave to Noah’. At times she adores
her new job, and at times (the majority of the time) her patience runs as thin as the dental floss
she hasn’t used in months. Every day is a new adventure - one that she embarks on with zero
quality sleep and red wine stained pyjamas.
Outside of her new 24/7 slavery, Nikolina is a media whiz. She is a writer and editor for 9Honey
Parenting as well as a spokesperson on Nine's Today Show and Today Extra. Alongside that
Nikolina also dabbles in Travel Writing and is a guest presenter on Getaway. She spends the 10
minutes she gets to herself a day entertaining her thousands of followers online with her
hilarious 'mum reels'. Oh, and looking after her other little boy Leo... (second child things).
Instagram: @heynikolinak

About the Illustrator:
César Sánchez Huertas is an artist passionate about capturing and inspiring emotions through
his watercolor illustrations. He is an uncle to three little nieces, whom he tries fiercely to win
over by illustrating them - with the aim to become their favorite uncle.